Loaner Car Agreement - Assumption of Liability


This agreement pertains to the following loaned vehicle (hereinafter "Vehicle"):

I hereby entirely assume sole and absolute responsibility and liability for any damage to the vehicle described above and owned by Haley European Motors (Insured) for any and all damages, losses, expense, fee and/or claim resulting from or relating to the operation of said vehicle while it is in my possession or under my control.

I have motor vehicle liability insurance coverage which complies with the State of North Carolina minimum
liability requirements which is suffcient to provide primary first vehicular coverage against any and all losses, damages, expense, fee and/or claim Haley European Motors and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Haley European Motors from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses, and/or fees, including but not exclusive to, reasonable legal fees, related to my possession of said vehicle while it is in my possession or under my control.


Conditions of driving a loaner vehicle:

  • A valid driver's license with a copy of current insurance, which will be kept on file.

  • No one other then the undersigned may drive this vehicle.

  • No one under the age of 25 may drive the vehicle.

  • The vehicle may not be driven outside of a 50 mile radius of Haley European Motors.

  • The vehicle is offered for a maximum of 48 hours. If repairs will require longer than
    48 hours, we can make a recommendation for an affordable rental car.

  • No Smoking in any of our loaner vehicles.

  • I agree to return this car with a half tank of gasoline or incur a $25.00 fee.


Customer Information

Signing below indicates that you have read, understand and agree with the terms of this agreement.

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