Serah Haley

The "Boss"


Mat Haley



Nathan Tripp



Mat began his career in the automotive field in Orlando, FL where he was recruited for the Mercedes Benz Elite training program.  He moved with Mercedes to North Carolina where he met his wife, Serah.  As a Master Certified Technician for Mercedes, he expanded his expertise to BMW where he went on to earn their highest certification. Along the way he also received certification and extensive experience from Mini, Subaru, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati  and many more.  Mat's dream has always been to open an independent shop specializing in what he views as the best cars on the road: Mercedes, BMW and Mini. A shop specializing in relationships, education and trust to last a lifetime.  In his spare time Mat loves flying as a Private Pilot and spending time with his family.  If he's not at the shop, you can probably catch him at an airshow or fly-in...or dreaming about smooth skies and tailwinds!


A Family Affair

Mathew and Serah are proud to run Haley European Motors as a family affair. Between their two sons, Nathan and Elijah, and their chocolate lab, Sydney, you never know who you might see if you stop by the shop!